ICS’s growing line of industrial cutting systems includes gas, hydraulic, and pneumatic powerheads, guide bars, and our patented diamond chains for concrete, utility pipe, stone, and masonry work.

701A Pneumatic Power Cutter

890PG Hydraulic Power Cutter

890F4 Flush Cut Hydraulic Power Cutter

890F4 Hydraulic Power Cutter

814PRO Hydraulic Power Cutter

695XL PG Gas Power Cutter

695XL Gas Power Cutter

680ES PG Gas Power Cutter

680ES Gas Power Cutter

FORCE3® Series Diamond Chains

FORCE4® Series Diamond Chains

FORCE4® Cross-LINK® Chain

FORCE4® Texas Chain

PowerGrit® XL Pipe Cutting Chain

PowerGrit® Pipe Cutting Chain

Pipe Clamp

Hydraulic Hoses

Portable Water Tank

Flow Adapter


TSS Vacuum System

2-Stroke Engine Oil